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The firm

specialises in branding, that is, in creating and developing strong identities for products, services or organisations. We do it successfully because we start with a good understanding of the industry, the business at hand, the client’s marketing objectives and their available resources. Only then do we proceed to combine a thought-through naming and original design process with an appropriate and appealing narrative to drive the brand.

Many Colibri projects involve rebranding, which means a change of the current identity in order to address new audiences or enter new markets. Success here depends on experience as much as on expertise. In the food industry for example, we attend every major international exhibition to monitor trends and get feedback from the various branches of the industry. We pass these on to our export oriented clients along with our evaluation and expert advice. The same is true in the fields of technology and tourism, both having a strong presence in our portfolio over the last 30 years.

Our services cover a wide range of communication vehicles which are combined to best utilise the marketing budget. Our services can be categorised as follows: Branding – rebranding, product & packaging design, sales promotion, web presence & website development, digital communication, exhibition marketing, conferences & events communication, publications, video and animation production.

Our vision

is to contribute to a new, transnational, figurative culture in commercial communications, with a high level of effectiveness, social values and artistic input. We want to represent Greek design abroad with the aim of supporting outward-looking Greek enterprises in their attempts to communicate with foreign markets, and provide services to clients from other countries with a compatible orientation. This vision is embodied in our way of working and manifests itself in every project, small or large, that we take on and see to completion.

A brief recap

Since 1991, Colibri has contributed to the branding and communication of organizations such as Forthnet - the Greek internet services pioneer, the British Council in Greece, the European Centre for Vocational Training - Cedefop, the Black Sea Trading and Development Bank (BSTDB), the Federation of Industries of Greece, the Professional Chamber of Thessaloniki. It also has a wealth of experience in branding and strategic marketing for tourist destinations (Discover Greece, Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, Ioannina, Naoussa, Central Macedonia etc.). Colibri’s creative team has special experience in designing and developing brands in the food & beverage industry (Pindos, Creta Farm, Mevgal, Palirria, Freskoulis, Lucia's Farm, Palse, Athena Sweet Athena, Zeo Bakers, Oriental Express, Salt Odyssey, Pet Interest, among others), for high tech companies and projects such as Beta Simulation Solutions, Exothermia, Emisia, ICT Emissions, LAT, Dreams4Cars, as well as in Culture and Society (Tellogleio Art Foundation, En Dynamei, Xotaris art forum, Thessaloniki Concert Hall, Annual Review of Social Partnerships, National Theatre of Northern Greece)


Papadiamanti 6, Kalamaria
Thessaloniki, GR-55133, Greece
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Art Direction
Brand Strategy
Brand architecture & product portfolio
Content creation
Film & Video

Photography & Video
Sales promotion
Social Media
Target Audience
Website Design
Website Development


Aristotle University School of Medicine
ArthroHeal Clinic
Athena Sweet Athena
Beta Cae Systems
Black Sea Trade & Development Bank
Booking Clinic
Creta Farms
Daily Taste
Delice Cofetariile
Deutsche Schule Thessaloniki
Efthymiadis Agrotechnology Group
En Dynamei
Federation of Industries of Greece
Flavour Factory

Gold Supply
Grecian Magnesite
Halkidiki Tourism Organization
Hellenic Farming
Korelas Masterpies
Lambadarios Law Firm
LAT (Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics, AUTH)
Mamma Greca
Marketing Greece
Monologue Olive Oil
Municipality of Ioannina
My Greek Delights
Naoussa International Film Festival
NEVRO, the blazer concept
Pet Interest

Plin Nanotechnology
Promo Solution
Proud Farm
Salt Odyssey
Thess Intec
Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Thessaloniki Hotel Association
Verdus Bioherbs
Vlachian Mountains
Zeo Bakers



Christos Helmis has been Colibri's Creative Director since its formation in 1991. He has managed the communication of various organizations such as Cedefop (European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training), the Federation of Industries of Nothern Greece, Efthymiadis Agrotechnology Group, Beta Simulation Solutions. He has rich work experience in destination branding projects (Discover Greece, Halkidiki, Ioannina, Naoussa, Thessaloniki, Region of Central Macedonia) and in the food market (Lucia's Farm, Freskoulis, Mytilos, Palirria, MEVGAL, Creta Farms, Ioniki etc).

His personal design projects have been awarded with Greek Graphic Design and Illustration Award (EVGE), ERMIS Award and European Design Award. 

Mr Helmis is frequently invited to professional conferences to present his views and experiences on communication and design.

Christos Helmis

Brand Strategist | Creative Director

Dimitra was born in Volos and studied at the University of Macedonia. Following her experience as a proposal author for European-funded programs, she joined Colibri in 2007. Her job is to handle all Colibri's important clients and see the assigned projects to their successful completion, incl. the financial offers and kick off meetings, regular communication with clients, monitoring the progress of the design team, cross check of deliverables for contract and quality standards compliance. She also supervises the account management work of junior colleagues. 

She speaks English and is a devoted animal lover.

Dimitra Valta

Account Manager

Diana graduated from the Department of Graphic Design School, TEI of Athens, in 2013. After an internship at the Creative agency, NoPlan, and a position in the creative department of graphic arts, she joined Colibri in 2015. She has cooperated with many clients from different fields from concept to the final output. A few landmarks of her path are the rebranding of BETA CAE Systems, the relaunch of Septona wipes, the Unismack logo, the package design for Pindos, the rebranding of Biokal into Accordia, the publication for the Federation of Industries of Greece, and the rebranding of Meteco. As Colibri's Art Director, her experience is applied in different fields, including branding, packaging, web design, publishing, advertising, and overall corporate image, to help brands tell their stories better. She is a restless learner, awarded a Master's degree in Graphic Arts & Multimedia from the Hellenic Open University in 2022. She has also served as a jury member for the ERMIS Awards.

Diana Georgiadi

Art Director

After graduating from the Graphic Design Department of IEK AKMI, Maria quickly gained hands-on experience through her internship at Defign Creative Services and, later, from her position as a graphic designer at Printexpress. Throughout the 10 years at Colibri, she has implemented her detail-oriented approach in every aspect of design, from concept to completion and everything in between. She has participated in, and many times led, a variety of projects across different fields. A few examples of her work are the rebranding of Pet Interest (brand logo, product catalogs, and packaging) and the destination branding project "Discover Greece" logo design. Her enthusiasm for packaging design is infused into clean and fresh-perspective work, including the plant-based snacks project Palse Snacks, the awarded olive oil MONOLOGUE, the SISINNI family & premium spreads, and the new image of the SEPTONA Ecolife products. When not on the job, Maria enjoys a salsa night out, a warm coffee with friends, and a chance to explore new places.

Maria Katsarou


Stefanos was born in Thessaloniki and was awarded a degree from the Dimitreli School Of Design, although he also considers Marie Thérèse Marrel, his French painter neighbor, one of his major influences. During the 1990s, he took on projects in graphic design, receiving two prizes for poster design for the Book Fairof Thessaloniki and the Dimitria Festival. In 2000, he joined the Colibri design team. His work includes posters for the National Theatre of Northern Greece, the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, CEDEFOP, Hellenic Petroleum, and 5 annual publications for the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank. He has also designed art catalogues  (Michelis Foundation, Xotaris collection, Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and the 100th anniversary publication for the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Federation of Industries of Greece. His portfolio also includes several design projects for the tourism industry (Halkidiki Tourism Organization, Go Live Halkidiki, Very Macedonia Touristic Guide for Central Macedonia, NAOUSSA Greece - "Sorry..no Beaches!" e.t.c.). He always enjoys the challenge of package design and has worked on projects for Pelekan, Palirria, Agrotopos, Βlé, Vlachian Mountains, Salt Odyssey, Freskoulis, and MEVGAL. He considers the 100-year edition of the Federation of Industries of Greece an important milestone of his design journey, as well as the book design for the team En Dynami, which received a European Design Award.

Stefanos Potamidis


Born in Stockholm, Andreas graduated from the Polyvalent Lyceum of Thessaloniki. He later got his Higher Education Diploma in Graphic Design from the Department of Applied Art Studies, University of Central Lancashire. He worked as a graphic designer in Visual Options and shortly after, in 2007, became a member of the Colibri design team. Among his work is the visual identity of conferences, events for SBE (Federation of Industries of Greece), various scientific projects such as ICT Emissions, Down to Ten, Scipper under the HORIZON 2020 funding, as well as of companies e.g., BETA CAE Systems International AG., Exothermia, Emisia, Heich Consult GmbH. Also, he undertakes projects on destination branding, communication branding design, package design, website design, sales presenter, exhibition design, and more. He is tech-savvy and the person to provide solutions for every technical issue in the office.

Andreas Dimitriadis


Break a leg! It all started at the National Theatre of Northern Greece, where Olympia worked as a graphic designer. Originally going to school to become an agronomist,  Olympia quickly realised her strengths as a graphic designer so she began focusing her attention on this area. She joined the Colibri team in 2021 after some years of freelancing. She loves creating art that builds brands and she is always ready for any design challenge that entails high quality work. With her exceptional attention to detail, she is involved in package design, launch tools (sales presenter, corporate presentations, advertising etc.), visual identity design, environmental graphics, consumer branding, and web design. The most major projects she was involved in include challenging design for food companies (MEVGAL, Pindos, Oriental Express), hygiene products (Septona) and education (Aristotle University School of Medicine, Deutsche Schule). She adores telling stories through design and creates eye-catching free-hand illustrations and sketches that speak to people's hearts.

Olympia Theodoridou


Melina jumped into the world of design from a very young age, and thoughtout her education, branding was her pined field. Her studies traveled from Rotterdam, Willem de Kooning Academy, to Los Angeles, Otis College of Art&Design, with Barcelona, Elisava University School of Design & Engineering, as the final stop. This journey gave her a strong visual culture and a very fresh point of view on what graphic design means today. She combines contemporary aesthetics with daring concept development that bring life to static visuals. She joined Colibri in 2022. Her skills in Motion allow us to create dynamic content for both print and digital media.

Melina Papadioti

Junior Strategist | Designer

Specialized in 3D animation, visual effects, and motion graphics, Christos has a professional background from Greek start-ups to Texas-based programming companies. He helps our team interpret creative ideas in motion and 3D concepts and composes compelling videos for social media and digital content. He is a nature enthusiast and an airball ace.

Christos Gousidis

Motion designer

Aggeliki graduated from the University of Macedonia, Department of Economic and Political Science, and holds a Master's in Environmental Governance from the Panteion University of Athens. Excited about creative writing and digital media, she worked as Communications and PR campaign contributor for Aristotle University's "Natura 2000 Committee" and later, as Head of Digital for DTP Group S.A., Athens. Her position in Colibri involves 360 copywriting and content creation focused on brand awareness and development. She is a continuous learner when it comes to digital media & eager to follow up with the next day of communication.

Aggeliki Kesoglou

Copywriter | Content Creator

With a solid academic background in Biology, Nanoscience, and Nanotechnology, Eleonora always takes on a good challenge and is eager to evolve. Passionate about design, she followed her call, and our team was there to help her begin her creative journey.

Eleonora Papadopoulou

Junior Designer

Alexandros has more than 10 years of experience as a web developer, bringing to life the design concepts of the Colibri design team. His position mainly involves custom websites on Drupal and Content Management Systems (CMS) based on the industry's best practices; SEO friendly, code Smarter not Longer, html tags hierarchy and semantics, no bugs-errors. He handles HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TWIG, PHP, XML and more. He is a bookworm, especially about Science, and is also into artistic hobbies.

Alexandros Pertsinidis

Web Developer

Alexandra was born in Germany and graduated from the University of Macedonia, Department of Accounting and Finance. Following her experience in accounting offices and the Emporiki Bank, she joined Colibri in 2006 as Head of Accounting. She is a member of the Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, holds an economic profession license and a 2nd class accountant-tax technician license, and has attended various seminars on accounting, labor, and tax legislation.

Alexandra Papadopoulou