5 Elements. A successful modern treasure hunt

A game that makes you travel more. A journey that makes you play more. This is the brand new game/campaign of the Tourist Organization of Halkidiki called “Five Elements”.

The campaign is based on famous Aristotle’s philosophy. Aristotle was born in Stagira, Halkidiki exactly 2.400 years ago. The name of the game comes from the Fifth Element, the mysterious “ether”, which Aristotle added the four constituent elements of all things: Fire, Air, Earth and Water.

The five elements become elements of a successful modern treasure hunt. Every visitor of Halkidiki, every tourist can participate and win gifts and souvenirs. There is only one condition: you must have an Instagram account.

The game location is every corner of Halkidiki, which is a true and unique mosaic of wonderful locations and unforgettable experiences that await each and every visitor. The complexity of this mosaic is visualized in the design of the logo of the game.

We designed the website and the brochures of the game too preparing its big launch.