The expansion of a Swiss chemical company

VIO Chemicals AG is a dynamic Swiss company active in custom research, development, production and marketing of specialty chemicals, intermediates and active ingredients mainly for the pharmaceutical industry. Its expansion into new markets meant a timely identity upgrade with a new brand logo and narrative.
VΙΟ Chemicals approached us with the need to modernise their corporate identity and website as it had not, until that time, developed and implemented an integrated communication strategy. Instead, it had maintained some basic corporate image components in a fragmented manner and across different communication mediums (reports, brochures, product templates).
Colibri studied their competitors and proposed solutions, namely to place a focus on their scientific expertise (R & D) - both in strategy and design - which, when combined with a balanced marketing approach will contribute to the development of new and advanced solutions with increased quality and effectivity.

The logo and the development of its simple visual features are a straightforward reference to the chemical elements (derived here from segmented letter placing.) The tagline "our science, your product" expresses the balance and marriage of scientific expertise and customer service.