The Filosophers

As a fast growing manufacturer of Greek traditional pies, Ioniki set out to re-evaluate their image and design it afresh. Even before we started working on their rebranding they had a well thought through set of corporate values and a clear strategy for new products and markets. For our consultation we used a bespoke questionnaire addressed to their production staff and salesforce, the results of which helped both sides appreciate better the company’s strengths and weaknesses.

It was time for our design to kick in: our redesign of the “Ioniki” logotype is almost imperceptible, but the friendly and warm tone of voice we created is nothing but - new taglines and messages, new photography, a brave new world of illustrations, a fresh look & feel and structure for the corporate website. After launching the new visual identity at Food Expo 2019, the company will further develop their internet presence and their packaging. Their goal “to make ever better pies for ever more people” is now closer to home.