MSG Group: The Big Fish Project

One of the arts of fishing is providing seafood, fresher than fresh. MSG are one of the very few in the Mediterranean to have freeze-on-board facilities and really be able to offer this premium service to their customers. All processing is done on board which means that their catches are packed and ready to be shipped, the minute each vessel arrives at port, straight to where they will be enjoyed but perfectly frozen until then. Add to this the Mediterranean’s superior seafood quality over other seas, MSG’s fleet of 5 modern fishing trawlers, their heritage growing up in one of the busiest fishing ports in the Balkans and their excellent work ethic, and they really have a lot to offer Greece and the international market.

To really understand how we could rebrand them properly, our crew joined forces with theirs and boarded one of their vessels for a 22 hour full modern fishing experience. We got involved everywhere, taking photos and videos of the whole process. The video here is a small sample. Our rebranding has already involved renaming, visual look and feel, their logo, a corporate brochure and a landing page. We look forward to continuing our rebranding voyage and travelling with them far and wide across the oceans.