Pies worth the best branding you can buy!

Family tradition is the most common claim in the world of food. More often than not it is simply not enough. When Thomas Korelas and his team, all in their twenties and early thirties, came to us for a product catalogue, we saw but a creative band of brothers. We changed the rather boring “Korelas Family” /third generation to the “Korelas Masterpies” simply because that is exactly what they do. 

We also helped them reorganise their 200 products for the food service market according to the attributes of each recipe; they span from the astonishing and the unique to the deliciously familiar. From the 3 collections - Pie Sense, Emerald Hospitality and Pie Cuisine - the first is already branded for the international retail market. Hopefully, their website, their new catalogue and their first ever packaging will communicate a taste of their masterpieces to the world.