This large and varied region in the north of the Aegean Sea includes several tourist attractions but has not yet found its place on the map. The sandy beaches of the Halkidiki peninsula, the historic city of Thessaloniki and the enchanting Mt Olympos, are fairly known and appreciated by hundreds of thousands of travelers each year.

Central Macedonia though has more in its treasure chest -it is the cradle of Alexander the Great, its wines are equally great, Μt Olympos overlooks a long stretch of seashores, the region’s National parks are the biggest in Greece. To communicate all these assets, the Regional Authorities commissioned a three-pronged project – the Branding and Portfolio of thematic narrations, the participation in International Tourism Fairs and three Fam trips for journalists and tour operators.

The branding strategy led to ”Very Macedonia” -a brand name and a tagline in one-, that epitomizes the region’s positioning: this is the place where visitors will find the finest elements of Macedonia (a geographical area that includes other Macedonia regions and a Former Yugoslav Republic) – the biggest of its cultural centres, the best seasides and mountains, the tastier food recipes, the rarest orthodox pilgrimages…

Very Macedonia – the very best of Macedonia, the very best of Greece!