The website to handle billions in investments

Since websites are, in our days, the most important medium of a company’s identity and also the portal through which business is conducted, it is essential that they are up-to-date, functional and have the look and feel that will create exactly the right impression to the user. Despite stiff competition from the UK, Finland and elsewhere, we were awarded the contract to take on the new website of the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank.

Since the bank has a great deal of information to communicate our initial task was to thoroughly examine the existing website and restructure it into a more streamlined format, with a new sitemap, new menus and sub-menus. Simultaneously we worked on giving the site a spacious, clean, corporate design with a modern sidebar menu and other design features, such as a corporate colour palette, that would facilitate streamlined navigation down to four further levels.

A main feature included promoting the project page as a “shop window”, offering a quick overview of the bank, its investments and its operations by country, sector and product, using a timeline map with key figures and other design features.