Xotaris Art Forum Website

The art of ex libris is less known and appreciated in Greece but has a big European and international audience of collectors and art lovers. One of 

the most prominent collectors in the world, Christos Giannakos (Sanghai First Prize, 2011) assigned to Colibri the branding and design of his gallery and publishing house. 

 Starting the year 2010, the project includes the naming and logo design of the gallery on the island of Crete -xotaris, in the Cretan dialect means the roamer-, the design and layout of an extensive art catalogue (224 pages with over a thousand scannings of original artwork), posters and invitations for art exhibitions and workshops and one of the biggest websites full with custom designed E-shop for buying art items and publications online. 


Xotaris Art Forum is an online exhibition and a space dedicated to the distribution of extraordinary pieces of art: paintings, sculptures and engraved items. Colibri started working on the project by decoding the page’s name -“Xotaris” in the Cretan dialect is the “traveller”- and by applying its essence throughout the website. 

The website is unique. It combines many subjects and uses. It supplies the user with a great amount of information on art while offering various interactive applications.

Its design is a mixture of popular contemporary aesthetics and the feeling of “travelling”, represented on all visual applications. Due to the big amount of data the structure was kept simple in order to form a relaxed navigation experience.

The first page presents a slide-show full of the newest publications, the latest exhibitions and the future workshops. On the right side there is a diary with marked dates of special art events. 

The website is designed to provide easy access to the art info. The visitor can start an art search by artist, country or technique. Some fields are accessible only by members of the Xotaris club, prompting the common user to subscribe.

There is also an application that allows the users to be kept informed concerning the art collections which interests them via “Artshows”. Made in flash, combining images and sounds, “Artshows” offer a magical journey in the world of art.

The website has also integrated social media buttons. Additionally the user can subscribe to the rss feed or to the Xotaris newsletter to get more info.