Science & Technology

The incorporation of remote communication and collaboration solutions in fast-paced environments, where global businesses seek effective ways to streamline...

Plin, Nano dog

Plin Nanotechnologies was a startup when they began their branding journey with our company. They were able to produce nanoparticles for a number of...

Having explained the ground breaking autonomous vehicle science through in-depth interviews on a website we built for the Dreams4cars Horizon 2020 European...

Λογότυπο του κέντρου «λογος»

Since 1989, "Logos" has been providing services for diagnosing and dealing with speech, language and voice disorders.

The simple depiction of a complex research programme that looks into the analysis of exhaust gases at nanoscopic levels.

A dynamic Swiss company active in custom research, development, production and marketing of specialty chemicals, intermediates and active ingredients.

Οne of the most important projects undertaken in our 25 years of operation!

Plin Nanotechnology Logo

For millennia the world was just what we could see or observe. Now nanotechnology is all around us and spreading its uses exponentially.

Λογότυπο, εταιρική ταυτότητα & εταιρικό προφίλ - EXOTHERMIA ΑΕ - Colibri branding & design

Exothermia SA was created as a spin-off company of the Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Emisia. Logo and software interface design

After designing Emisia's logo, their corporate identity and presentation, we then designed a new presentation for the company’s software tools.

SOFTWAY Λογότυπο, εταιρική ταυτότητα, sales presenter

After two decades of remarkable progress
in the specialized field of software for the maritime industry, Softway assigned to Colibri the renewal of...