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Branding, a level up

To different degrees we are now all dazzled by the Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences. It won’t be long though before life finds a new equilibrium. The sooner we start thinking about it, preparing it, shaping it even, the better for all of us.

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What’s branding got
to do with viruses?

The most important lesson of this war against the virus is that strategy is key. Leadership, governance, data mapping, modelling, planning for measures and their adaptations go hand in hand with the conventional medical weaponry. In fact, the latter proved hopelessly inadequate without the others. 

Replace medical with promotion and you’ll see where this argument takes us.

At times like this with everything in flux, you don’t just bring last year’s campaign up to speed. You need to reconsider your strategic options. In communication, this basically means branding, the definition of identity and it’s build-up in society. Take Plin, for instance. You probably know nothing about the company and rightfully so. But you will soon hear about Nanosanitas.

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From Nano to Pet
through to Coronavirus

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Plin Nanotechnologies was a startup when they began their branding journey with our company. They were able to produce nanoparticles for a number of industries and they felt they needed a name, a corporate identity, a website and a sales presenter to start doing business. Forget strategy and we would have offered the modern visual identity they now have, nothing more. Instead, we suggested a brand architecture allowing for co-branding and consumer brands. In the course of less than three years their Nanosanitas brand is now present in international markets and dwarfing Plin in communication terms. On top of that, their R&D is working around the clock to finalise a nano based powerful disinfectant that won’t wash away from surfaces, is safe for humans and deadly for viruses.


Snap photographic

If Plin is a case of proactivity in strategic branding, the FoodRaft project is good branding reflexes. For over 12 years we have been working with Theodosis Georgiadis, by far one of the best food photographers out there. Fully booked most of the time, Theodosis saw no urgency in his own brand evolution and gave his all to the visual branding needs of clients in Greece and abroad. The Covid-19 crisis changed that in a snap.


Investment is more crucial than ever. Investing in brand partnerships is just as essential. 

Our branding influence is smoothly and gradually permeating through the communication outlets of the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank. Banks won’t be cajoled into daring concepts that are lapped up by our fashion or food clients. Instead, sensitive to the importance of portraying a stable, thorough and professional brand we’ve been testing the waters over the last two years, starting with fringe needs such as one-off videos we created and narrated to highlight their key landmarks. We have more recently taken on core tasks of overhauling and modernising their extensive website, evolving their everyday internal and external communication templates and designing and proofreading their annual report.


Entrepreneurship that doesn’t
know stop. We’ll fuel that.

Some people refuse to take no for an answer or give up when doors close in their face. Not Eleanna. We met her when staying in her hotel while on a photoshoot promoting her town. The extra-mile style of her hotel perhaps has something to do with her own love of fashion, one that we took on, from scratch.


Health beyond
hand sanitizers

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Our world becomes more virtual by the day. Food, however, will remain anything but. Some of us will continue to work from home, a lot more will cook more meals than they used to and a vast majority will take notice of the nutritional, even medicinal properties of what we eat. 

The market for smarter and healthier food products is now wide open.

Managing a huge
communication u-turn

Eduact invited Colibri to produce an effective communication strategy and material for the Global Robotics Championship (First Lego League). This was just before the Coronavirus pandemic arrived and it was to be the first to take place in Greece, with over 1600 participants from all over the world. In just a few days, as the Coronavirus pandemic spread across 5 continents, the communication strategy of organising such a significant event was radically transformed into a postponement strategy and crisis management. Hear no evil, see no evil. Eduact gained time and changed their identity, becoming Education Unlimited and upgraded the communication capabilities of its various services. Together with them we prepared the ground afresh to lay claim on the Global Robotics Championship next year, which will have special significance as Greece marks 200 years of independence.


Beta are pushing the work from
home envelope to unprecedented levels and everyone wants in.

The incorporation of remote communication and collaboration solutions in fast-paced environments, where global businesses seek effective ways to streamline product development processes, had already reached its limits. Today’s unprecedented circumstances push these limits further, as organisations struggle to ensure business continuity through work-from-home.