What a ride!

When we started our journey in 1991, branding cattle with a red hot iron had been long replaced by ear marking or tagging, yet still the verb meant next to nothing as a communication discipline. Graphic design, on the other hand, meant a lot. 

The problem was that graphic design covers such an impossibly colourful circus of disciplines, techniques and applications (back in the day, the Guild of American Graphic Designers suggested fees for “background artists” and I bet no millennial can tell you what on earth they are!). With a horizon that wide and humbling, a humming bird, a Colibri, made sense: the tiniest of birds living exclusively on flower nectar, a one-of-a-kind flying machine, a design singularity.

As it happened, instead of finding a niche in the jungle to live a life of short flights, constant refuelling and relentless pollinations, we grew in size and in appetite. From flowers -theatre plays- and low hanging fruit -corporate identities- we dared longer distance flights -to Crete to brand Forthnet -a first for us and them- and Athens for our first Design Awards. Soon after we were flying long haul: the British Council in Greece, the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Studies (Cedefop). Alongside clients of such calibre, Colibri learned to fly straight and level! Travel destinations were next on the map…

For more, you are welcome to meet us at Colibri -we promise expert branding advice on top of a fascinating flash-back of our 30 year history!

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