AUSOM branding, Aristotle University School of Medicine, Thessaloniki

Nine months for
a brainchild to become
a successful brand?

The Aristotle University School of Medicine, Thessaloniki

We cannot tell if it was a Vietnamese or a South African who became the very first, non-Greek, undergraduate medical student in Thessaloniki. What we can claim is that in the course of nine months we have managed to design the new medical school’s brand, authored their messages and narratives, built their web presence and digital campaigns, and we supervised their open-days and enrolment drive. The whole nine yards, awesome, isn’t it?

And AUSoM it is! It was just there in front of our eyes -Aristotle University School of Medicine, but that was only the beginning. Our job was not a name, or a punch line, far from it! It was to help a few brilliant professors and medical doctors materialise their vision for the first ever international graduate programme in medicine at a Greek university.

“Oh yes, my dear friends, we go global, …not in the sense of an ancient legacy, not in the sense of Hippocrates and his oath (we have achieved that already)…  We go global, as one of the best medical education centres in the modern world! So, mark the year 2021 and keep tracking our success story in the years to come!” 

[from a speech of Kyriakos Anastasiadis, Head of the Aristotle School of Medicine]

He is right! Adding to the legacy of the school itself, he now has a sleek branding system, a modestly budgeted but very effective digital campaign in 19 countries - in collaboration with digital media experts Metavasis - and great results: by the time he gave this speech, the brand new School of Medicine had 1,231 fully documented applications for their first year, and they had already enrolled 60 of them, the very number they had planned for!
How is that for precision?

“We knew there were all kinds of difficulties ahead, the Covid pandemic being the least of them -actually, a valuable member of our steering committee was hospitalised early on, before we had the luxury of a vaccine! All of us, though, believed in the real value of what we offer at Aristotle University for so many years. It took us just a few minutes to decide on our motto, it was almost that obvious:  

Precision and Empathy, because that is our practice as well as our legacy.

What is also obvious is our Aristotelian credo: ''excellence is a habit and this is a habit we mean to instill in our undergraduate students - excellence in clinical studies, in ethical practice and in research for a healthier life''.

We can only add the new term “Surgical branding!”, and ask you to visit for more info!

AUSOM branding, Aristotle University School of Medicine, Thessaloniki
AUSOM branding, Aristotle University School of Medicine, Thessaloniki
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