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If Plin is a case of proactivity in strategic branding, the FoodRaft project is good branding reflexes. For over 12 years we have been working with Theodosis Georgiadis, by far one of the best food photographers out there. Fully booked most of the time, Theodosis saw no urgency in his own brand evolution and gave his all to the visual branding needs of clients in Greece and abroad. The Covid-19 crisis changed that in a snap.

Archive magazine food photo

For some time now, the tech savvy photographer has been developing a technique for virtually bringing brand managers, art directors and, on occasion, even food stylists to the studio for photo-shooting. With equipment and online platforms in place, he perfected the process with new and fast file sharing and lo(!) the set is ready for “tele-shooting”.

This in turn spurred his rebranding. Inspired by the platform, the “raft”, we branded a project that will eventually offer its identity to the whole studio through a smooth transition.

from the image of a “solo” artist image to that of a strong team of professionals.

We, food photo shooting

Food raft logo, before - after redesign
Theodosis food shooting
Theodosis food shooting
Theodosis food shooting
Food raft logo, on clothes
foodraft website front page

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