The new Grecian Magnesite website

Excellent miners, yes, but is that all?

The new Grecian Magnesite website

“Sculptures and memorials are not made of magnesite. Almost everything else is. The versatile magnesite quietly plays an important role in the widest range of modern day uses, to the better benefit of civilisation and the environment”. It sounds a bit over and above for a miner, does it not? Yes, for the world leading magnesite specialist it is par for the course!

Grecian Magnesite, however, does create the widest range of application-specific magnesia products for a host of industries, from iron & steel, mining & metallurgy to manufacturing, construction, and the environment. What we did for them, at Colibri, was to put their message in simple words, words that would speak meaning to a broader audience and then create a visual environment to enhance that meaning. 

Grecian logo

As it happens with all things of value, our clients’ narrative is far richer than their lists of industries and products. Take sustainability, for instance, one of the hottest issues facing mining companies around the globe : Grecian Magnesite goes beyond rehabilitation of their open cast mines in Greece and Turkey to champion surgical, underground mining using narrow vein techniques and electric and battery powered equipment. 

Fascinating as it may seem, this and other pieces of information we had to “mine”-unearth and bring to the light of day ourselves. But then again, this is what Colibri does -mining info and creating meaningful communication to help clients portray their offering and values. Branding is very much a mining process indeed!

For those involved in any of the industries catered by Grecian Magnesite, do venture a visit to -we promise a smooth and insightful experience. For the rest, there is still good reason to pay a short visit: you’ll find that “magnesite is nothing but a celebrity rock” and that content is always key. website screenshot website screenshot website screenshot website screenshot website screenshot
They also care for their brands