Beta are pushing the work from
home envelope to unprecedented levels and everyone wants in.

The incorporation of remote communication and collaboration solutions in fast-paced environments, where global businesses seek effective ways to streamline product development processes, had already reached its limits. Today’s unprecedented circumstances push these limits further, as organisations struggle to ensure business continuity through work-from-home. 

Beta CAE Systems seized on the opportunity and fast-tracked Neere, a new software package, tailor-made for the engineering community, taking remote work and collaboration to new levels. Neere offers industry the capability to mobilise and make data and information stored in corporate systems available, but also to allow knowledge and experience sharing, in a manner that ensures confidentiality. Via web-browser it allows users to control access, run software, communicate through messages, voice, live videos, and jointly experience virtual environments.

We gave Neere its name, look and feel and digital packaging, dressing it with the style it needed to communicate how game-changing remote working can and should be.     Sam Saltiel, CCO of BETA CAE Systems commenting on its demand said, “It’s remarkable that a large number of our esteemed customers adopted and deployed NEERE while it was still in its earlier pre-release stages”.

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