The Pasta Garden case

The Covid-19 ridden February and March 2020 was high time for the rebranding of Pasta Garden. By then Christina and Kostas had spent three years running a small enterprise producing handmade artisanal pasta products for a niche market of health food enthusiasts in Northern Greece. Most of their customers were young mothers looking for top quality pasta with vegetables for their toddlers. Not surprisingly, one of their first clients abroad was looking for pasta products for school meals in Finland. 

That was our starting point for their rebranding. From “Eirini’s” (after their mother’s name) we took them to “Pasta Garden” and from a separate product line for kids, we moved the whole brand positioning towards an up-market, genuinely healthy pasta collection for an international audience.

Their messages changed from the repetitive and boring “traditional” and “authentic” to the all-natural, bio, salt free. 

Likewise their imagery transcended the hand-written style of home-made food to a bespoke type for the labels and a narrative style for their photography. The market’s response was so positive, the transition period we had planned for had to be shortened. The new brand is travelling already at full sail!

Pasta garden, vegan, low fat icons
Pasta garden Kous kous product image
Pasta garden, women
Pasta garden website front page
Pasta garden, artistic photo

They also care for their brands