Unismack new branding elements

They taste good. 
They grow fast. 
They get branding.

Unismack beyond the facelift

By all standards, Unismack has been successful: they make great best-for-you snacks in a time of unprecedented snacking & grazing, they operate a dedicated allergen free and gluten free facility with a 5,000 ton annual production capacity, their list of quality and safety certifications is second to none, and they have a growing global market presence. So why on earth would they consider re-branding?

Our answer to that very question proved convincing enough to get them started on their own new branding journey. First stop, corporate rebranding: new logo design, descriptor, tone of voice, set of values, environmental graphics, sales kits, brand identity manual…and above all, a branding strategy as the cornerstone of an expanding future.  

Emojis and values:
the corporate brand logo

“The rooftop of our house of snacks consists of 3 emojis representing the values of our company”. The inconspicuous sentence out of Unismack’s brand manual speaks volumes about their mentality: smart people with good taste on a mission to bring valuable, affordable, variety rich snacks to people everywhere in the world. 

Excellence [E] because they are original, quality driven and committed

Innovation [!i!] because they are creative, curious and open-minded

Responsibility [:)] because they are caring, honest and conscious of their social environmental role.

unismack.gr website preview

Testing the waters: The Mediterranean Snack Collection

Unismack is an expert producer of high quality, tasty snacks for direct retailers and third party brands but until now never B2C. They love their job and it shows, but to transcend that B2B communication barrier and start tuning into consumers directly takes more than a mere wish! 

Their new range of all-natural, better-for-you snacks comes with a nostalgic brand personality drawing on their Mediterranean heritage, bringing back sunny memories of having fun “around a table brimming with Kalamata olives, lentils, Feta, chickpeas and other authentic flavours.”

The irregular paving stones dominating the FoP illustrations speak of variety, originality and creativity. No wonder, they can easily relate to the graphic elements of Unismack itself!

Visit medsnackscollection.com

medsnacks collection
They also care for their brands