MSG group seafood logo

One of the arts of fishing is providing seafood, fresher than fresh. MSG are one of the very few in the Mediterranean to have freeze-on-board facilities and...

Λογότυπο του κέντρου «λογος»

Since 1989, "Logos" has been providing services for diagnosing and dealing with speech, language and voice disorders.

The personal web site of a new architect, which combines the areas of her interests and professional experience.

The simple depiction of a complex research programme that looks into the analysis of exhaust gases at nanoscopic levels.

A dynamic Swiss company active in custom research, development, production and marketing of specialty chemicals, intermediates and active ingredients.

Οne of the most important projects undertaken in our 25 years of operation!

Βαγιάννης Divine Origins Olives

Divine Origins, a fresh brand for Vagiannis Olives

Kolionasios Baklava Gold

This is not a new journey. For centuries, camel caravans and schooners have been braving deserts and seas carrying the ingredients of baklava, like spices,...

WorldChefs Congress & Expo 2016

One of the most important international events in the gastronomy sector was hosted for the first time in Thessaloniki and Colibri was proud to be a part of...

Zeo Bakery

Rebranding Zeo, by editing a new product catalogue and designing a logo and packaging.

Φρεσκούλης ready to eat vegetable salads and meals

Rebranding the Greek leading brand of fresh, ready to eat vegetable salads and meals.

A game that makes you travel more. A journey that makes you play more. This is the brand new game/campaign of the Tourist Organization of Halkidiki called “...


Branding identity of destination Ioannina.

Ekme Publishing

Ιn the field of industrial projects, where advanced technical know-how and adherence to strict quality specifications and safety standards are essential,...

Plin Nanotechnology Logo

For millennia the world was just what we could see or observe. Now nanotechnology is all around us and spreading its uses exponentially.

Prime Salts & Spices

Mario and Harry were already deeply involved in the organic food trade before setting their sights on natural salts. Their country, Greece, is the cradle of...

A group of experienced specialists in livestock, using the most innovative technologies on production and communication.

VeryMacedonia Logo

The branding strategy led to ”Very Macedonia” -a brand name and a tagline in one-, that epitomizes the region’s positioning: this is the place where...

WELLFED. Freeze dry formula
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The rebranding of the leading greek medical institution.

Pet Interest published their new product catalogue, carrying on the rebranding strategy that they started six months ago.

Colibri designed the new website for Exposystem and then we created their brief corporate identity brochure.

Emisia. Logo and software interface design

After designing Emisia's logo, their corporate identity and presentation, Colibri proceeded on preparing a new presentation, for the company’s software...

Έντυπο "Emerald Villas" - Colibri branding & design

We created the brochure and the website for two luxurius residential complexes˙ the “Emerald Vilas” in Panorama, Thessaloniki, and the “Malva Mountain...

Arvo Gruppe Logo, Corporate presentation, Website

Arvo is the Finnish word for value and a suitable brand name for a group of well established construction companies from different countries in Europe and...

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Rebranding, συσκευασίες, εφαρμογές Ρ.Ο.Ρ., έντυπα, επιμέλεια εικόνας νέου καταστήματος για το BLE

Traditional recipes and flavors from Greece and from around the world dress with a distinctive gourmet touch of Ble´.

Naturest - Petinterst - κονσέρβες - Pets wet food cans

Working on the branding of a new series of products for dogs and cats by Pet Interest.

Metecho Tech Website Design
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Paul & John Around the Globe

Paul & John are two characters who love cooking and travelling around the globe teaching the best greek recipes.

Xotaris Art Forum Website

Xotaris Art Forum is an online exhibition and a space dedicated to the distribution of extraordinary pieces of art: paintings, sculptures and engraved items...

SOFTWAY Λογότυπο, εταιρική ταυτότητα, sales presenter

After two decades of remarkable progress
in the specialized field of software for the maritime industry, Softway assigned to Colibri the renewal of...

Maria Coundjeris Website
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Gold ERMIS 2009 - DESIGN - Colibri Branding & Design
ΧΩΡΟΣ - Colibri branding & design

a small but highly effective and design-conscious firm

Τον Δεκέμβριο του 2009 ανέθεσε στη Colibri τον ανασχεδιασμό της οπτικής της ταυτότητας και τον σχεδιασμό νέας, πλήρως δυναμικής ιστοσελίδας.

Excellent educational background, medical expertise and great amount of respect for the patients are the key characteristics that build the atmosphere of...