Accordia new branding

is transmissible.

With Accordia cables, literally!

You scarcely notice them until something goes wrong -transmission cables are the central nervous system of smart buildings, security systems and industrial automation. Your live image, crystal clear sound and data transfer rates depend on them. Signal losses, return loss and interference, mechanical integrity, weaknesses in shielding -every detail counts. That’s what Accordia is about: detail!

“In my 30 years in communication design and branding, I’ve never met a client so transfixed on precision. For them everything had to have rhyme and reason. At times, it was almost impossible, but we drew on their passion for excellence and we genuinely got wired! Biokal’s rebranding has been one of the most audacious and thorough in Colibri’s history” 

[Christos Helmis, brand strategist, creative director, Colibri] 

Biokal to accordia animation

To change any brand logo is always a demanding, delicate task, but changing the company name of a 50 year old market leader with a strong international presence, takes the game to a whole new level! At those rare moments when strategy compels it, along with the name, you have to revisit everything but the core values and offerings of the company -the real foundations of their clients’ trust. 

In the case of Biokal > Accordia we re-authored literally everything: company narrative, tone of voice, product label names and categories, messages and imagery, website structure, packaging, sales presenters, data sheets …nothing went amiss! We brought together their expert knowledge and wealth of technical information with our devotion and branding proficiency.

To keep abreast with the leaps and bounds, you need cables beyond standard

Positioning statement, vision and mission, driving principles, company history -they all point to the new Accordia tag line: Cables beyond standard. To stay true to their vision, it is not simply enough to offer only necessary cable solutions. Normality for them is to innovate, to future proof, to design and produce cables that go beyond the standard.

Accordia animation, lines to cable

All set with the branding elements -the new visual identity is there, the new messages and body texts speak of a highly competitive global manufacturer, the new FlameSmart and HyperShield brands are registered as trademarks, the new website is up and running… so what’s left? Stories!

“What is the point of even having a fire alarm if its cables are the first to burn?”

“At Accordia, our usual practice is to refrain from the usual! This led to our “two-in-one” design of the CC-100 cable or the useful EasyPack package 250 m roll.”

“Add the special conditions of countries like Greece, and you have to cope with stronger UV radiation that decomposes cable surfaces through photooxidation, exposing them to moisture and salt, which in turn increases the air corrosive power tenfold in coastal areas.” 

The Cable Talk section of Accordia’s website and the Cable Wise newsletter are designed to host stories that are valuable and inspiring narratives beneficial to the target audience. Every brand in the world needs them!

Accordia new branding
Accordia new branding
Accordia new branding
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