Septona launches Dermasoft!

Disinfectants sell like hot bread.
So why the extra fuss?

Septona launches Dermasoft!

A leading manufacturer of personal hygiene products, Septona enjoyed an upturn in international sales but refused to sit back and wait for “back to normal”. Seizing the momentum, they intensified their investment programme during the pandemic and launched Dermasoft, a brand new concept of wipes.

This new brand, we helped develop, revolutionises the use of wipes. Take the Dermasoft Max, for instance: instead of resorting to baby wipes for our elderly, we now have equally soft and moisturising but larger in size and deeper cleansing wipes. How’s that for a direct response to customer needs?

Septona launches Dermasoft!
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Wipe a fresh slate for more

With Dermasoft, Septona has expanded the successful Calm n’ Care line of wipes to cover all age groups: babies, kids, family, max. Moreover, the Dermasoft concept [dermatologically tested, lavishly soft, thoroughly cleansing, defiant against infections] has gone on to lend itself to brand more personal hygiene products -hand wash, sanitisers, cream soaps, among others. It was therefore important for us to create a strong visual identity from the very start.

Nothing left to chance

From the brand logo design and the prototype packaging system through to the landing pages for the website and the brand manual, the “Septona” team at Colibri tended to every single detail. We enjoyed working with the marketing savvy people at Septona and wish them all the best.

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They also care for their brands