Emerald Villas

Tzinis Construction in cooperation with Kasetas Architecture Construction Technology created two luxurius residential complexes˙ the “Emerald Vilas” in Panorama, Thessaloniki, and the “Malva Mountain Resort” in Ag. Athanosios, Pella. Colibri undertook the design of an edition for the communication of this project.

Because of the houses' unique architecture and high quality standards, we intently avoided the strong presence and personality of graphics and typographic features, which someone can distinguish only in uv vernish.

The website created by Colibri, expresses the contentment every visitor of Malva Mountain Resort feels when staying at the resort. Through the website the user has the chance to unravel the resort’s magical essence by viewing two specially made picture selections. Clicking the first menu -the letters M,A,G,C- the visitor gets all the important info concerning the accommodation on offer and views pictures of the resort in a series of thumbnails.

By clicking the “see” button, the user discovers a second selection of images. In this application the pictures occupy the whole screen and keep changing automatically (full background image gallery without navigation).