Pigs Might Fly? They do!

Our clients were two young people with great creative appetite, who described the concept of the store / chain as specialized street food in the city center, all grilled and nothing fried, based on the well-known Florina kebabs in various variants and combinations of meat and sauces. Modern, youthful style and franchise potential.

With a focus on youth and the customers’ smile, the kind of food and the need to stand out from other grill houses, we created the PigASauce brand. The name and visual identity that we designed - primary & secondary graphics - express and facilitate the concept of the store - sauce, sauces and grill.

The young, friendly and ultimately intimate character of PigASauce was displayed on the shop front, inside the restaurant, on the menu, the take away packages, the sales presenter and promotion tools, and messages that we designed.