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Colibri Branding & Design
Colibri Branding & Design
Colibri Branding & Design

The firm focuses in the field of visual communication, creating corporate and product branding and using design to successfully serve communication programmes for public and private sector entities. Οur services include:

  • Branding and product packaging design
  • Logos, insignia and corporate identity systems
  • Design of promotional tools to drive sales growth
  • Communication of social, academic, and cultural institutions and events
  • Publications and editorial design
  • Webpage and social media strategy, design and applications

Our vision is to contribute to a new, transnational, figurative culture in commercial communications, with a high level of effectiveness, social values and artistic input.
We want to represent Greek design abroad with the aim of supporting outward-looking Greek enterprises in their attempts to communicate with foreign markets, and provide services to clients from other countries with a compatible orientation. This vision is embodied in our way of working and manifests itself in every project, small or large, that we take on and see to completion.


A brief recap
Colibri, Branding & Design was set up in 1991 and for two decades has been a constant creative presence in the greek design community. Since our early years, important entrepreneurial and cultural figures have featured in our portfolio, such as Forthnet, Grecian Magnesite, the Greek Mining Enterprises Association, the British Council, the State Theatre of Northern Greece (1995-2005), the Experimental Stage of Art (1993-2007) and the Tellogleio Art Foundation.
Collaborations – stations on Colibri’s route – were with the Black Sea Trade & Development Bank, whose corporate identity and annual reports for the period 2000 – 2006 we designed; the Greek Centre for Habitats and Wetlands on whose account we carried out projects of great significance, such as the identity and visuals for the Alexandroupoli Natural History Museum and the Moudania Fisheries Museum; and Cedefop (European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training), on whose communication and publishing work we have contributed for many years.
During the greek recession Colibri maintained its high quality standards and made every effort to underline the importance of design in the achievement of corporate and social tasks.


To date, Colibri Branding & Design has earned 19 distinctions for its work through its participation in the Greek Awards for Graphics and Illustration, the Ermis Awards for creativity in communication, the Association of Advertising and Communications Companies of Greece and in the European Design Awards.
It has been invited on many occasions to seminars and away-days to present its work and assist in training its colleagues in the field.


Certification of Quality Assurance by the Greek Standards Organisation: 1435:2009.

Colibri is continually striving to improve the quality of its services and to keep abreast of developments in the wider design field. To this end:

  • It participates in conferences and meetings - the International Conferences on Typography and Visual Communication (Thessaloniki, 2005, 2006, 2007), the PanEuropean Branding and Design Association Congress (Athens, 2007), Kevin Keller’s Brand Imperatives Conference (Thessaloniki, 2008) top the list.
  • It maintains one of the richest libraries in Greece, which it endeavours constantly to enrich, and subscribes to four of the leading international design periodicals.
  •  Over the last four years it has installed and used a complete ERP and CRM system which has been fully adapted to the firm’s project management needs and is called Design Overview (brand created by and belonging to Colibri).
  • To oversee and improve the performance of the team, at least two meetings are held on a weekly basis, in which the whole team – administrative and creative – participates, so that everyone has a picture of the running of the office and participates actively in it, while every day there are smaller meetings for any project requiring the input of more than two staff members.


Quality in communication: our credo
Communication projects and the processes for them to come about are of high quality and achieve the desired results when:

  • They fall into and abide by a given strategy – corporate or by product – which has identified objectives, means and criteria for evaluating results,
  • They have clear messages that meet the needs of the overall goal of identifying with life values, developing benefits, activation and participation,
  • They are original and distinctive, so as to assist in public perception of their origins and goal,
  • They do not offend public sensibilities, and respect cultural peculiarities and the principles of those that are on the receiving end of them,
  • They offer the opportunity for aesthetic and linguistic cultivation, and raise the average level of visual comprehension and semantic understanding.



  • Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Association of Advertising and Communications Companies of Greece – Branding and Design Branch