Dream not, Go live... to Halkidiki!

Dream not, Go live... to Halkidiki!
In other words “there is no place like Halkidiki” as most people of Thessaloniki declare.
This time though, the above saying is built on strong arguments. Halkidiki, apart from amazing beaches, is a place of significant mountainous routes, has a great history and is an ideal destination all year round.

Colibri, in collaboration with Halkidiki’s Τourism Organization, gathered the material needed, suggested the structure and the main topics and selected the appropriate pictures in order to design a touristic guide full of tips and trips, interesting routes and historical monuments. This guide will become a useful tool for the area’s promotion and its touristic campaign around the world.

Until its completion, the promotional needs of the Organization’s professionals asked for more projects, created by Colibri. The Organization’s presence in “World Travel Market” –an international exhibition held in the 10th of November, in London- needed a printed ad –designed by Colibri- which was published in the Thomas Cook travel agency brochure. Additionally Colibri created a leaflet promoting all the amazing things one can see and experience while visiting Halkidiki.