Now that's what we call gyros!

The Greek leader in pork meat and cold cuts, Creta Farms broke ground last year with a mouth watering collection of products for the Greek grill house “Gyros” products - pork, beef and chicken kebab, souvlaki skewers, burgers, steaks and schnitzel. We took on the branding of Creta Farms Gyros and helped the company launch their olive oil cured meat products, in the very competitive market.

Their unequivocal success led to the retail line, the packaging of which we designed aiming at s/m customers. Top quality pork or chicken gyros, freshly grilled on extra virgin olive oil and Cretan herbs, frozen and ready-to-eat within a few minutes of heating -the demanding Greek food lovers found it difficult to resist. We had only to remind them of the qualities they are after: juicy, aromatic and full of taste, just out of the all too familiar grill gyros! A simple matter of food styling and some handwriting.