Freskoulis Freshly Steamed Vegetables

Freskoulis Freshly Steamed Vegetables was awarded for its packaging, and in particular for its novelty and practicality.

From conception to delivery, something brand new was created for the Greek market - Freshly washed and cut vegetables placed and packaged into a doypack - a bag with a standing bottom and steam valve. The valve allows the product to be cooked in the microwave in its own bag, with steam being generated from within. The packaging is made of material suitable for storing food and 100% recyclable.

Our transparent design approach lets the product "speak for itself" so that the consumer can see how fresh, clean and pure it is. The vegetables on the packaging appear as if they are on a wooden cutting board, highlighting that they are freshly cut and ready to be cooked directly in steam without even needing to be washed.

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