Ιt sounds like “Fresh” and “Cool” which is more than a coincidence because “Freskoulis” is the Greek leading brand of fresh, ready to eat vegetable salads and meals.

Eurocatering, the company that introduced the fresh salad category to the Greek public during the Athens Olympics in 2004, trusted Colibri with the rebranding of the beloved brand.

The first stage of the rebranding programme included the redesign of the logo and the re-arrangement of the decade old branding image - the “Freskoulis” hero. It also included the packaging for all the product families and flavours - sub-brands and labels, like the vegetable salads, the salad meals, the fruit salads, the carrot snacks (renamed to “Carrots to Go”) e.t.c.

We also designed a functional and stylish website for Freskoulis, aiming to host well known Greek chef recipes using Freskoulis salads or meals.

Colibri worked closely together with Mrs. Iosifidou, the marketing manager of the project, and Mrs. Soel, the designer in charge of the co-branding projects for Greek S/M’s and the Bulgarian subsidiary.