Pet Interest Care and Taste

Pet Interest is well into its rebranding programme. It started in 2013 and covers every aspect of the company's visual communication. The programme laid out and executed by Colibri includes a new brand logo, a new tagline, new product brands and the packaging redesign of the company’s established line “Tail Swingers.”

Meanwhile the solicitous manager of Pet Interest, Andreas Skias, put a variety of new pet products to the test and picked the ones most suitable for Greek pet lovers. The “Care & Taste” food supplements for dogs and cats come in capsules and are probably the best way to encourage or award your pet while keeping it healthy - multivitamin, joint support, calming and hairball aids are some of these highly sophisticated treats. They were launched for the first time during the Pet Today Show in November 2014.

Colibri coined the rather generic brand name and designed the logo, the packaging and the sales presenter brochure.