Rebranding BETA

Colibri undertook the strategic rebranding of Beta Cae International AG, one of the most important companies in the international simulation & analysis industry, with applications in all communication mediums, as reflected in the brand manual we created. 


BETA started out as a spin off, which within two decades managed to compete with the giants in the simulation & analysis industry, such as Dassault 3D Systems, Siemens, AVL and others. As it grows beyond the automotive industry, and also beyond Greece’s borders, Beta has now seen the need to upgrade its identity and revise its branding architecture and style of communicating its highly technical content. It was Colibri that they approached to create their new image.


For Colibri, the rebranding of BETA was one of the most important projects undertaken in its 25 years of operation. The strategic goal was for the new image of BETA - from the logo, tagline, promotional tools, messages and narratives, until even the tone of voice of its staff - to exude scientific precision, simplicity and dynamism. The new logo keeps its Greek references and connection with the previous one, while visualising the relationship between simulation and the product in an original way - the "beta" within the "beta" - and its concept and way it’s presented in the final product.


Its basic visual concept can be identified on the product brands and has also been extended to illustrations. The full title “BETA Simulation Solutions” extends the previous CAE (computer aided engineering) systems and the "physics on screen" tagline communicates the innovative character and cutting-edge science of the company.