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Rito is the leading manufacturer and exporter of sweet spreads and other confectionery ingredients in Greece. Although it was a pioneer in producing what we have learned to call "Merenda," over the last twenty years, the company has been focusing on supplying large food producers with quality products. Recently, it decided to introduce three sets of quality products for the shelves of the major retail networks and has trusted our branding in the context of the overall corporate rebranding of Rito's Food SA.

What we usually spread on our bread or put on our pancakes is so deliciously rich in chocolate that we forget to look closer at what we really eat. Now this is changing. Not one, but five flavours, each better than the other: without gluten, no lactose, no vegan, no cholesterol ... with great value-for-money. We designed the packaging to be a convenient lightweight PET container that communicates friendliness and affordability. The image had to have a youthful and gentle approach and direct and straightforward quality claims.

The design of the Sisinni brand logo refers to Italian Renaissance motifs, the spatula knife (photographed and stylised for packaging) having empire style elements. The combination makes a distinctive reference to the roots of the brand. All other visual elements are modern and well connected with good artwork, something handmade and organic. The combination balances the overall proposition: "Come and try something new" and, "Trust the quality you see and the small family brand that guarantees it." The original images (processed photos) of the spreads on the spatula give a peripheral but very significant experience of the product before purchase.