The Thinking Machine

This is the personal web site of a very interesting new architect, which combines areas of her interests and professional experience: in the center the brain function - a basic description and the satellite perimeter with news, thoughts, comments and references that are current and up to date.

Fofo Kalfa, an architect, approached Colibri, in part to capture her past experience, but mainly to highlight her professional credentials aimed at attracting new projects and new collaborations. Her material ranges from her involvement in project management on the vast Stavros Niarchos Cultural Foundation to her personal journeys in photography, with a focus on architectural work. It needed structure, narrative and balance between the "CV" approach and the professional offer of a project.

For the structure and visualisation we used the “thinking machine”: ideas, abilities, experiences, memories, emotional moods - from the frontal lobe to the hypothalamus, divided into three basic areas, corresponding to the three objects of professional and personal interest. Around the basic one current ones are moving, which, in other words, derive from an experienced glance like comments or discoveries, and become the basis for new thinking. The internal structure of the three main groups is extremely straightforward and descriptive. The complete picture is a good description of Kalfa's personality and an even better guide to preserving and expanding her image in the future.