Efthymiadis Agrotechnology Group

For Efthymiadis, the major Greek Agrotechnology Group of companies, Colibri designed a publication to celebrate their 80 year anniversary and portray their evolution through time.

The 48p booklet we authored and designed, presents the company’s milestones in parallel with the Greek agriculture’s timeline.

To achieve this, we divided the layout in two horizontal parts, one for each story. The main visual element of the upper part is top soil -the fundamental source of energy and life- in full contrast with the industrial, copper coloured background of the lower part.

The educational role of a leading company is depicted with the blackboard surfaces and handwritten messages -another way to convey the personal touch of a family business.

The future outlook of this family business along with its ability to respond to contemporary challenges is symbolized by the very straightforward and fresh looking 80 year anniversary logo of the Group.

The logo prevails on the cover of the publication, as it is die cut over an image of top soil.


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