Plin Nanotechnology

For millennia the world was just what we could see or observe. Now nanotechnology is all around us and spreading its uses exponentially.

This new startup company trusted Colibri with their identity and the branding of their product -a new generation of nano particles with paintable coating and enhanced antibacterial or ferromagnetic properties. We named them ”Plin” -the Greek word for minus and the logo is quite simply picturing the minus sign.

Nano particles play an important but almost imperceptible role in fabrics, water purification solutions, paints, cosmetics etc. -they transverse the substances giving them new beneficial properties. Hence the movement of the minus sign from left to right cutting across the heavy, imposing type, making the logo far lighter and hinting to the idea of forward thinking and progress. As expected, the packaging sizes are small and the logo should be prominent even when it is printed in less than 1.5 cm width. This one works in even smaller sizes.