When cheese became visual indulgence

Following our rebranding of Skarfi cheese makers to the more appropriate Vlachian Mountains Artisinal Cheese our challenge was to capture the new elegant brand for a web audience. Dimitris Pappas and his family are true cheese connoisseurs, taking the time to visit cheese Meccas of Europe and beyond to exchange ideas and create new products and invest in the best equipment. Cheese making is clearly art for them and we suspected that their stance and approach would present powerful and convincing visual material to support the brand we had built for them. We weren’t wrong, at all. We shot a wealth of video and still footage amongst their herds on some of the finest and purest mountains we have been to, got amongst them in their facilities, recording how pure mountain milk is lovingly and skillfully transformed by hand and machine together. Their whole operation oozes with artwork, precision, knowledge and nature and we knew we had to nail that.

Our website design supports the brand image and visual material there with stylish, traditional and yet elegant and spacious design elements. It features stories and articles that delve into the legacy and legend of cheese making, Dimitris’ family’s part in that and a detailed in depth look into what they actually do from beginning to end. It was our goal to challenge viewers to be in no doubt that here was a brand that had to be taken seriously. You, of course can judge for yourselves and we are confident enough to invite you to do so.