Sorry...No beaches, but you won't miss them in Naoussa!

“Sorry… no beaches” in Naoussa! The beaches may be absent, but Naoussa has excellent tourism potential, from archaeological sites, wines, gastronomy, history, cultural events, nature, relaxation and hospitable people! We can attest to this because we experienced it ourselves from the town’s mayor to the many locals we came into close contact with when we took on branding the town. The challenge for us was to fully communicate all the riches of the town that we were personally experienceing, knowing that Naoussa should be on the world tourist map, with much to do in all four seasons.

For us the journey to Naoussa began with research, value system proposals, what and how we wanted to describe and destination tagline. What followed was the logo, which links the area to its major natural power, water. Next, we edited a promotional book, a brochure and developed the main website following the 5 main areas we had targeted for highlighting. For each area we conceptualised a short video and spent three days shooting in the Naoussa region and then recorded voice overs in English to accompany each one as well as create a general video. The summary and two conceptualised videos are shown here. The others can be viewed on the youtube channel we set up for them. We shot many photos also, filling the website with beautiful photos to make a visual impact.

In collaboration with the town council we created social media profiles to support the new brand, designed visitor souvenirs and organised presentations for travel agents and operators in Athens and Thessaloniki.

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