Ioannina Region Branding

Ioannina is a centuries-old Greek town on a beautiful lake, in a ring of high mountains, by the sunny beaches of the Mediterranean sea.

This positioning statement along with the destination’s set of values and the hierarchy of the main assets were fundamental parts of the branding project assigned to Colibri by the Municipality of Ioannina, the local Hotel Association and the Chamber of Commerce.  

These strategic fundamentals led to the tagline proposals and to the final logo that followed the decision on the strategy. Both tagline and brand logo describe this less known, less crowded and less spoiled tourist destination as a place full of energy, worth to explore. The varied natural environment (mountains, lake, sea) is clearly pictured as an emblem of athletic gear, the typography refers to the town’s byzantine castle, the colours and wording of the tagline add friendliness to the image of Ioannina -a centuries-Old, full of New energy town welcoming You.