Armonia Rehabilitation Center

Υοu can’t possibly cure a patient by just smiling to him/her. The fact is though that adding a smile to proper physical training and diet can work wonders. Armonia Rehabilitation Center adopts a therapeutic approach as old as Hippocrates and as young as the contemporary evolution of psychosomatics. For the rebranding of this leading greek medical institution, Colibri laid out a strategy on three basic values -excellence of medical service, internationality and …smile. The brand logo design uses a light blue wave and latin characters for the globally familiar greek word “armonia” - harmony. The new positioning indicated a new set of messages for this Mediterranean rehabilitation centre and a new tagline: Cure, Care, Smile! The rebranding programme is still under way and includes a new website, a new visual system for road signs, ambulances, halls and wards, new brochures and stationery.