Simplifying Science

It is a simple, almost diagrammatic depiction of a complex research programme that looks into the analysis of exhaust gases at nanoscopic levels. A clear and readable approach was undertaken, illustrated by the logo and goes on to evolve throughout the narrative of the project.

Down to 10 (research at the unprecedented ten nanometer level and analysis of the chemical composition and environmental impact of gaseous pollutants) is a project funded by the European Horizon 2020 program and involves a consortium of leading universities and research centers, including Greek institutions. Colibri was requested to take on the visual identity of the entire project.

We designed the title of the program with two features: readability and that the symbolism be easily understood. The circular "O"s refer to wheels. The red, vertical line symbolises the groundbreaking depth and detail of research (23 nanometers is the current limit). The whole logo is legible at very small dimensions, so experimental equipment can be marked with it, and its simplicity makes it accessible to the general public as well as communicating the more complex ideas of scientific research and technology.